Darlene Newman
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"The Soul Doc"
22" x 28" ink on bristol This Memphis based artist uses her musical lyrics to doctor to the souls of listeners.

"The Soul Doc"

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The Soul Doc
"The Soul Doc"
I've Got That Joy
"I've Got That Joy"
Hide the Word in My Heart
"Hide the Word in My Heart"
Gettin' A Word
"Gettin' A Word"
Crown of Dignity
"Crown of Dignity"
Woman of Talent
"Woman of Talent"
Woman of Substance
"Woman of Substance"
World United
"World United"
Joy of Bass
"Joy of Bass"
Woman of Elegance
"Woman of Elegance"
Cozy Cottage
"Cozy Cottage"
I Looove the Word!
"I Looove the Word!"
Song Of Solomon
"Song Of Solomon"
Striving to Learn
"Striving to Learn"
Hut, Sweet Hut
"Hut, Sweet Hut"
June Tunes
"June Tunes"
Woman of Freedom
"Woman of Freedom"
Into His Marvelous Light
"Into His Marvelous Light"
Flowing Bowing
"Flowing Bowing"
Double Barrel
"Double Barrel"
Tom's Tom Toms
"Tom's Tom Toms"
Double Width
"Double Width"
Sweet Perfume
"Sweet Perfume"
Crossing the Break
"Crossing the Break"
Stomp the Devil
"Stomp the Devil"
Funky Chicken
"Funky Chicken"
Yes, Ma'am
"Yes, Ma'am"
First Lady, Emeritus
"First Lady, Emeritus"
Sunday Steppin'
"Sunday Steppin' "
No, Ma'am!
"No, Ma'am!"
I Know the Answer
"I Know the Answer"
Ark of the Mound
"Ark of the Mound"
He Loves the World
"He Loves the World"
No Child Left Behind I
"No Child Left Behind I"
No Child Left Behind II
"No Child Left Behind II"
Searching the World
"Searching the World"
Hut1, Hut2, Hut3
"Hut1, Hut2, Hut3"
Miss Lady
"Miss Lady"
First Sunday
"First Sunday"
Worship Series 12
"Worship Series 12"
Summer Shade
"Summer Shade"
Voices of Praise
"Voices of Praise"
Single Rail
"Single Rail"
When I Get Home
"When I Get Home"
Less Than 100
"Less Than 100"
There is no other
"There is no other"
Love & Sax
"Love & Sax"
Crown of Dignity
"Crown of Dignity"
American Dream
"American Dream"
Touch Your Neighbor
"Touch Your Neighbor"
Sunday Steppin'
"Sunday Steppin'"
Stomp the Devil
"Stomp the Devil"
From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones
"From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones"
Love is Patient and Kind
"Love is Patient and Kind"
In the Spirit of Family
"In the Spirit of Family"
If I Can't Say A Word
"If I Can't Say A Word"
He Loves The World
"He Loves The World"
Poplar View - Memphis Bridge
"Poplar View - Memphis Bridge"
Stax Tower
"Stax Tower"
Sun Studio
"Sun Studio"
Stax at Night
"Stax at Night"
American Dream
"American Dream"
Woman of Relaxation
"Woman of Relaxation"
Woman of Stature
"Woman of Stature"
Touch Your Neighbor
"Touch Your Neighbor"